TPE-an important material for vacuum cleaner accessories


Application of TPE thermoplastic elastomer in vacuum cleaner:

As an indispensable material for vacuum cleaner accessories, TPE has been used more and more in vacuum cleaners, and its functionality is becoming more and more important. The following figure lists some representative applications of TPE thermoplastic elastomers in vacuum cleaners.

1. Wheels: After the outer layer of the wheels is shot and coated with TPE, the vacuum cleaner runs on various grounds without slipping and ultra-quiet, running smoother, and the colors are softer and more diverse.

2. Sealing ring: Provides better sealing, helps reduce vibration and noise, and at the same time ensures the vacuum of the vacuum cleaner during operation, ensures stronger suction and achieves efficient dust collection.

3. Floor brush and anti-collision strip: Flexible elastomer floor brush accessories are soft and wear-resistant, do not damage the floor and the ground, and make contact with the ground more compactly, ensuring suction, enhancing the dust collection effect, and cleaning more thoroughly.

The surrounding design of the floor brush is covered with TPE, which is soft and elastic, which avoids damage to the wall and your high-end furniture during operation. The same applies to the design of wrapping elastomer around the casing of the popular sweeping robot. Not only the design is novel, the visual effect is better, and the protection effect is better.

4. Grip: Ergonomic design and rubberized design ensure soft and comfortable grip.

5. Filter: The filter with TPE as the skeleton not only ensures the convenience of installation, but also ensures a better sealing effect, and improves the suction and dust collection effect.

6. Corrugated pipe: The corrugated pipe produced by TPE is softer, more flexible, and easier to operate and use.

The above TPE is a successful and representative application in vacuum cleaners. The Dongguan Odili R&D and design team also hopes to cooperate with designers in the vacuum cleaner industry to develop the application of TPE in vacuum cleaners. I believe that in the future, the application of TPE in vacuum cleaners There will be more and more, more and more peculiar, and functionality will become more prominent in the months and months.