About Us

Dongguan Yunchunyang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, formerly known as Dongguan Changan Chuangxing Precision Mould Factory. It is an enterprise integrating mold design, injection molding and production assembly. Our company has an advanced mold processing center. The EDM company covers an area of 4,000 square meters, a workshop area of 8,000 square meters, and fixed assets of more than 30 million yuan. Our company adopts PE/UG system in mold development and manufacturing, and has established internal and external network systems. In order to ensure product quality, the company adheres to the principle of "quality first" and manages strictly in accordance with is09001:2008, which provides a strong guarantee for customers' product design.

Our company's product applications include household appliances, mobile phone peripherals, computer peripherals, daily plasticizing, medical accessories, auto parts, toy models, etc. It has obtained qualifications, certifications, patent certificates, etc., and has production equipment of 40 injection molding machines (110 tons) -500 tons), 6 gong machines, 4 grinders, 6 CNCs, and 9 EDMs.

In the past 27 years, through cooperation with Philips PHILIPS, Yintu Yaji AK, NEXUS, NELSON, Hobbytrade (Denmark), Brekina (Germany), Fakir (Turkey), AKE (South Africa) and other different customer cases, the company has enabled the company It is through the all-round cooperation with these companies that Yunchunyang continuously learns and innovates, constantly updates its concepts, and continuously provides high-level molds and different types of plastic products for domestic and foreign customers. The company adheres to the policy of "precise manufacturing, customer satisfaction", actively explores, and keeps pace with the times, making Yunchunyang a more competitive and trustworthy enterprise.